Snatch Your Sexy Back for 2020!!!

Please watch this video first:

I've decided to take a 120 day challenge and give myself the gift of toning my body, restoring my energy and releasing 20 pounds before this summer.

Please JOIN ME! I do soooo much better when I'm a part of a team and a community moving in the same direction. Do you wanna tone, strengthen, lose or increase your stamina or energy? Then join the already 1200 people who have jumped on the #SnatchYourSexyBack train. 

This is a FREE journey to join and simply requires your commitment to play FULL OUT! 

Let's make 2020 the year that we BLOW OUR OWN MINDS. Yes YES!

You don't have to use our program, you can use your own program, but you don't have to do it alone. Let's do it as a community, for support, for accountability and to help you win over the next 120 days.

Step 1. Click the button that says "Register for Free."

Step 2. Post a picture of yourself on social media along with a sign saying #IAmWithLisa #SnatchingMySexyBack

Step 3. If you choose to use my system, click on "Learn About our Health Program."

Step 4. Join our private Facebook group "Snatching Your Sexy Back with Lisa Nichols."

Step 5. Create and post your 2 minute video to declare and share why it's important for you to successfully complete this 120 days with us. What's at stake? What does snatching your sexy back mean to you?

Step 6. Plan to join us on Saturdays for our weekly 30 minute Connection Calls. The calls are at 9:00AM PST, and you must register to get the Zoom call in info.

Once you're in and registered you will get more details about workout groups, meet-ups, nutrition ideas and much much more.

I'm your sister in prosperity and possibility and I am grateful that we get to do this together.

I believe in you, I love you, and I celebrate you!